Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My Aunt Hates America 

All right -- my Great Aunt lives in Colorado Springs. She's wonderful -- once, when I was 12 or 13, she lectured me about how Elvis Presley was a white boy who stole the music of black people -- "Hound Dog? That was a Black Woman's song! What's that white boy doing singing a Black Woman's song?" -- seemingly without noticing that her distant nephew, through melting pot genetics and family tree distance, was whiter than Elvis Costello. She's got to be approaching 80 years old. But when my asshole Republican uncle (by marriage) sent off one of his occasional missives from misinformation headquarters about why he just couldn't stand John Kerry, my Aunt delivered the smack-down. She ought to be a Kerry speech-writer, if you ask me.

Let me say first that "freedom of speech" is one of greatest privileges we have in this country. So John here goes.

I am a Democrat and a (liberal and all those other names they call us). I have voted [for a Republican] one time and that was when that sniveling lying Nixon said he would stop the Vietnam war because he had a "secret plan". My work in civil service was in the communication center and they would send the young recruits in to learn from us civilians who had been there several years. (we were Signal Corp). Many of the ones we knew where and I felt sad and took Nixon at his word.

Yeah-right!!! approximately 75,000 of our boys were killed after he became president. Was that his secret plan?

I heard about dubya and how his father used his influence to keep him from going over there. Since I have worked for the military all my life I heard many things (also had a Top Secret and Crypto clearance.) The military I worked with was very upset about it. They called him a coke-head, an alcocholic and a B------->. Regardless what papers Dubya has the fact remains he was too cowardly to serve!!! I couldn't believe it when he ran for the presidency!

Now you talk about what Kerry did and said. At least he went over and with his families money there is no doubt in my mind that he could have gotten out of going. In case you aren't aware not many rich and privileged fight our wars.
John Kerry was telling the truth about what some of our soldiers did in Vietnam! Have you forgotten My Lai? I've forgotten the Lt. name that was imprisoned for it after all the blame trickled down to him? John Kerry was only repeating what many, many said and felt after returning. But you know if you are still in uniform you are forbidden to speak against the President---for fear of being called a traitor and court-marshalled and kicked out of the military no pay no matter how many years in. Many of them were very bitter about Vietnam but dare not say anything around anyone they didn't trust. If you saw the carnage done in My Lai would you remain quiet about it?

I do not like Dubya because I think he's silly and certainly not the person to be president. If he didn't have Cheney, Powell and Condaleesa (SP?) he'd be up a creek. Remember how he acted in that school room when he was told, on 11 Sept , that we were under attack? He sat there for 7 mins. Looking downright stupid and when he did leave do you know he had to call Condaleesa Rice to see if it was true? Then he rode all over the country in Air Force One trying to find a place to hide. FOr a while they contemplating hiding him in the Mountain here (NORAD) then they figured this might not be a good idea ---that NORAD MIGHT BE A TARGET TOO. So next they went to SAC in Omaha and then it suddenly dawned on him and the rest that maybee he should get to the White House. Instead they went to Camp David when they figured out that the White House just might be a target too! How cowardly can one get? Later his 7 min. delay was explained away by saying he didn't want to scare the Children. Don't you think he could have told them that there was urgent business and he enjoyed his time with them but he had to leave? What was scary about that? He wasn't going to stand up and say we have been attacked and thousands are dying> How can one respect such a man.

The straw with me was when he had a press conference and he was ranting about Saddam (his father called him Sadum). Someone asked him why he wasn't going after Osama instead of Saddam and he said "Because he tried to kill my daddy" and walked out with that silly grin on his face. I couldn't believe my ears and thank God other people heard it too.

And shortly our troops were in Iraq. Now I can understand his anger with Saddam but if someone said anything about my "daddy" I wouldn' t put thousands of young people (21-22 etc.) in harms way just to avenge my father. Since "Daddy" didn't get killed I would have thanked God and do as President Clinton advised him to do. They knew where he was and Clinton advised to go after him now!! Of course Dubya wasn't going to listen to a Democrat who was a hell of a lot better Prisident then he was.
I liked President Clinton and always will. He was liked all over the world. He is a brilliant man who made a stupid mistake (what you want to bet he wasn't the only one carried on like athat in the Oval Office).

Several times I've heard over T,V, that if he could run again he would be voted in by a land slide. I feel sorry for Powell who made a fool out of himself by appearing on T.V. and showing the world where the WMD's were and what a threat they were to us. Tony Blair in England believed him and now his country is against him. Powell loooked right pitiful when he had to retract his statement.

Now explain this to me--Which was the worse--causing our soldiers to fight and die for something and someplace where we have no business-----or Dan Rather not checking his story and who it came from before broadcasting it (altho it was the truth)? My question is Why are we there in Iraq? Why do we think we must "save" other countries for what they want to believe in? Our own country has lots of defiencies---like out vets who fought gallantly in Korea, Vietnam and now Iraq and now with no job and no home must sleep under bridges and many die from starvation. The enemies are within our own country and it's not Osama people. We have hate groups that are trying to destroy this country --Little children who are alone with no parents, no homes, no food. God does'not approve of that which means that we could help. I know you've heard of Pat Roberson. In our paper I read where he said the Lord told him that Bush should be voted in again regardless of whether he's GOOD OR BAD. i COULDN'T BELIEVE WHAT I WAS Reading!! I'm sure you all know the shortest verse in the BIble--Jesus Wept--well if it's ever added on to (The Bible that is) another verse would say (JESUS WEPT AGAIN)

And I mustn't forget that not too long ago Dubya said he "Had a plan to get us out of Iraq" Sounded just like Nixon. Yeah right--and how many more soldiers lost.?
Guess I'd better stop now but Dear Nephew John if you are curious as to why I'm a Democratic and not a Republican I will be more than willing to tell you. (Please give me the chance--smile)

I hope no one has hurt feelings after reading this. I do love you all and true the family should have their differences without falling out.

Aunt Eula
P.S. (Princess--Where's my baby) the cat has approved this msg. (tee hee)
I meant to say I voted one time for a Republican----Nixon
Princess still approves

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