Friday, October 01, 2004

Baseless Innuendo Friday 

Pundits' gut reactions
Oct. 1, 2004
...An instant poll from ABC indicated that undecided viewers who watched the debate thought Kerry had won by a 44-36 margin, while Gallup showed Kerry winning by a margin of 53 to 37. During real-time monitoring of a debate focus group, CBS found Kerry scoring consistently better than Bush, particularly among women voters. And 52 percent said their opinion of Kerry had changed for the better.

96 Insurgents Believed Killed in U.S. Assault on Iraqi City
Iraq, Oct. 1 — More than 4,000 American and Iraqi soldiers mounted a military assault on this insurgent-held city here Thursday night, in what appeared to be the first major operation to retake areas from guerrillas before the January elections. An American soldier from the First Infantry Division was killed, the military said in a statement today.

A spokesman for the First Division, Master Sgt. Robert Powell, told The Associated Press that 96 insurgents were believed killed during today's clashes, but a coalition spokesman in Baghdad said those figures could not be confirmed.

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