Monday, September 06, 2004

Our Long, National Nightmare is Reaching the Half-Way Point 

That last post... just kidding. I didn't post a damn thing all summer, and spend most of my time not drinking wine on porches but, rather, drinking gin in apartments. Which is less fun. I also worked for one of the dreaded 527s, called ACT. Check 'em out. They probably don't need your money, unless you're George Soros-level wealthy/principled, but go ahead and volunteer if you're in a battleground state.

So -- politics. I've decided it's all too boring and from now on this blog is about indie-rock and where to get the best breakfast for your buck in Minneapolis.

Can you fucking believe Pitchfork gave the new Joan of Arc album a 5.3?!

Check out the Sunny Side Up Cafe on Lyndale Ave for the best french toast west of the Mississippi!

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