Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Missed Headline Opportunities 

Ain't That a Shame
Billy Wayne Miles really, really wanted to hear that Fats Domino song.

The 58-year-old Odessa, Texas, resident called a radio station Tuesday to request that it play "Ain't That a Shame," reports the Odessa American.

He didn't hear it. So he called again, and then again.

Finally, he called a fourth time, but instead of asking to hear Fats Domino, Miles allegedly said, "There will be a big bang at a downtown parking garage in Odessa, Texas, at 2 [p.m.] today."

...Several buildings were evacuated, and Miles was arrested by agents of the Permian Basin Joint Terrorism Task Force.

That one should have been obvious.

Obvious like the existence of the Permian Basin Joint Terrorism Task Force. I'm sure they've proved their necessity and earned their federal funds a thousand times over. Protecting West Texas from Race Music since 2001.

If only they'd been around in the Permian Period -- they could have prevented that mass extinction.

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