Monday, May 03, 2004

First, The Muppets Take Manhattan 

Well, I took a bit of a break from blogging there to focus on my other hobby -- the theater thing mentioned below. It was fun, sort of. And extremely exhausting. Theatre-people are tiring. Lotsa singing.

Anyway, if you're not reading billmon, go read billmon. He's all over the torture story with more indignation and damning evidence than anyone outside of Sy Hersh.

If you're not listening to Leonard Cohen, go listen to Leonard Cohen.

In domestic news, the New York Times blames Democrats in the headline for a story about the congressional shut-down orchestrated by cat-fancier Bill Frist.

I'm going home to MPLS (the place that I like best, to quote the Poet Laureate of the City of Lakes and Noble Losers) next week. I plan on spending all summer drinking wine on porches. And apparently, gay people across the nation are making the trek to the Twin Cities metro area, where "tolerance" quite literally means "tolerating," in sort of a condescending tone.
"We have our biracial couple, we have our newlyweds, we have our Jewish couple, we have our Golden Valley cop, and -- " with a cheerful wave toward her buddies Jacqueline and Carol, standing beside her on the driveway -- "we have our lesbian couple."

In other Minnesota news, big-government liberals want to take away our knombs.

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