Sunday, May 16, 2004

Dead Man Shake 

So --

Coming home has very nearly halted my online political fulminating. Assorted reasons, too boring to get into right now.

I'm trying out the Blogger comments, we'll see if they're any good.

If you're a regular reader, you're probably not anymore. But if you are and want to know if I'm still worth reading, there will probably be a flurry of activity every other weekend or so, with spotty coverage of minor annoyances during the weeks.

Like this:

Prep School Peers Found Kerry Talented, Ambitious and Apart
Many of the qualities that propel John Kerry — and daunt him — are the same ones that buoyed and bedeviled him when he was 16.

First off, when the hell did personability and warmth become something we look for in a fucking President? Haven't our "best" presidents always been cold, driven bastards? You think Abe fucking Lincoln was aloof? Fuck yeah, he was.

Having read Harper's this month, I'm half convinced that the Senate, as an undemocratic institution, should go. But then we'd be left with the House, which is no House of Commons in terms of intelligence or respectability. The fuckups and nutjobs are all in the house.

A better idea would probably be to strip the executive branch of its all-too-easily-abused powers and make it a glorified Prime Minister.

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