Sunday, April 18, 2004

You Shoulda Seen Mailer's "Goofy" Book 

"He is in danger," John Updike wrote in the introduction to a book of Mickey art that Disney published in 1991, "of seeming not merely venerable kitsch but part of the great trash problem, one more piece of visual litter being moved back and forth by the bulldozers of consumerism."

The New York Times (perhaps inadvertently) demonstrates why Mickey's copyright should have expired when the little rat turned 75 (hell, it shoulda expired the day Ub Iwerks left for the great Steamboat in the sky).

Who is the author or creator that the copyright law protects in cases like this? Anyone who had anything to do with the creation of the damned icon is dead dead dead. The copyright is a license to make money and stifle artistic freedom. The day we repeal the law making corporations "people" and given them eternal rights to ideas is the day Mickey becomes an interesting character again.

What's the matter, Disney? You scared you'll stop making so much cash? What the hell happened to "competition," you corporatist free-market worshiping bastards???

We have a duty as patriotic citizens to ignore copyright law whenever and wherever it is abused. Do it fer these guys.

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