Friday, April 02, 2004

Plenty of New Jobs in the Mercenary Sector 

Hey, there were jobs last month! About fuckin' time.

The lefty bloggers are sort of quiet about this today. Josh Marshall notes it in passing, many don't at all. Atrios doesn't have too much to say. So -- they met their projections for the first time ever. Good job, guys. I, personally, won't be surprised if they find that something in the numbers was fudged, but even if not, this still isn't the political slam-dunk people like the Times copy editor are calling it.

As that article notes:
The unemployment rate -- measured through a different household survey rather than company payrolls -- inched up to 5.7 percent from 5.6 percent in February. The survey recorded a slight decline of 3,000 jobs driven by a decline of 304,000 in the self-employed, who are not captured in the payroll statistics.

So... in other words, unemployment is up, and there's still been a net loss in jobs so far this year.

Keep in mind also that this "Job Growth Strongest in 4 Years." E.g. -- since Clinton.

And, still, first administration to preside over a net job loss since Hoover.

Still -- congratulations are due to all 300,000 people enjoying their new jobs in the fast-growing service industry. Minimum wage is still $5.15.

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