Tuesday, April 06, 2004

One State Two State Red State Blue State 

Tom Tomorrow hits the nail on the head -- Brooks is nothing more than a bad comedian.

Of course, if Tom was from a Red State, he'd use some sort of gasoline-powered motorized auto-hammer to hit that nail, but instead he just mows his big anti-lawn with one of them hippie push-mowers, all the while listening to Arlo Guthrie. Also, George Soros gives him money for no reason, because he is from a Blue State and looks down on Kansas. Don't pay any attention to the Midwest's rich, storied history of progressive politics and economic populism, nor how their current swing towards social conservativism is destroying them economically. And whatever you do, don't read Thomas Frank's fantastic essay about Kansas in this month's Harper's.

The Soros jokes confuse me a little bit... we have one billionaire willing to throw his money around for our causes.

They have... well, all the other billionaires besides Ted Turner and Mrs. John Kerry.

But man, we got Barbara fucking Streisand!

I'm hoping to get my own gig on the op-ed page, now that I can see how easy it is. I have a real insightful piece about how black people be walkin' diff'rent from white people.

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