Monday, April 05, 2004

If the Assholes Are Ascending, I Hope I'm Left Behind 

Today's poll numbers are pretty incredible. Atrios has a short summary. Basically, Bush is down across the board.

The Pew summary includes this line:
"Public support for war in Iraq has been unaffected by the murders and desecration of the corpses of American citizens in Falluja."

How could they tell? The big news in Iraq over the weekend was Falluja, and the numbers fell accordingly. It may just be badly worded -- people's support for the original war as first presented to them is unchanged, perhaps. But everyone is taking a "you broke it, you bought it" approach. It's becoming clear that Bush doesn't know how the hell to occupy an unfriendly nation -- meaning, of course, that he shouldn't have occupied it in the first place, but it's too late for that now. Kerry needs to start telling us in clear, unmistakable language that he can fix that fucking mess.

I don't think he can, really -- and I'm not advocating a Nixonian "secret plan to end the war" -- but he needs to explain that Bush's plan is to cut and run after June, and Kerry is actually interested in rebuilding the fucking country and making sure it's stable.

But Jesus Christ, it's a mess.

And speaking of Jesus Christ and messes, am I the only one who read this Rolling Stone article explaining the Christian Fundamentalist view of the Iraqi Debacle? It may interest a few swing voters to know that some of the crazier folk with direct access to the president wanted the situation there to become a shitstorm because it increases the chances of a huge fucking war against Isreal, thus bringing on the endtimes.

(c/o the comeback kid, Neal Pollack. I don't miss the old character, Neal.)

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