Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I'd Rather Not Be In Philadelphia 

I honestly don't think it matters to the Democrats who wins in Pennsylvania tonight.

Specter is unlikable and unliked. Toomey's politics only appeal to a far right-wing fringe.

But: Specter is an uncumbent with high name recognition and Toomey is cute, young, and charming.

It'll be an equally challenging fight for Joe Hoeffel with either nutjob. Though, in Joe-Hoe's favor, either one will emerge wounded and poorer from the primary battle.

It will be better for the country if Specter wins against TwoMe, of course (which it's looking like he will at the moment), as if seat remains republican, I'd rather have a sorta moderate shithead than a shithead to the right even of Rick Santorum. Much as I'd rather be prodded repeatedly with a sharp stick than stabbed in the temple with a pair of dull barber shears.

This primary race hasn't interested me all that much, partly because of the reasons I outlined above, and partly because I can't get into the whole "horserace" aspect of politics. It's too much like the meaningless punditry that passes for analysis on cable tv and opinion pages. It's not about the race, for chrissakes, it's about what's at stake. Don't tell me the method and tone with which each candidate responds to the other's brazen smear tactics, tell me what the hell he or she actually believes in and what that means in real terms! Tell me some real--

...hey, look at that funny lookin' dog!

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