Monday, April 05, 2004

His Second Act Was to Retroactively Cover Up the My Lai Massacre 

Wishful Thinking
The president fired Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld last week, but more on that later. The day is last Tuesday. The situation: a secret terrorist-attack drill in Washington. Chechen terrorists have seized Russian nukes and fired them at Washington, New York, and Chicago. President Bush is killed. The veep, traveling in Russia, is presumed dead. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, the next in line, balks at the top job, bringing us to Secretary of State Colin Powell, played by a fellow top official. He's helicoptered to a remote location to huddle with others playing Rumsfeld, the attorney general, and the treasury and housing secretaries. After landing, Powell is sworn in as president. He then looks over the 40 other officials in the drill and barks out an order: "My first act is to fire Donald Rumsfeld." Look out, Rummy--we hear that even the Pentagon folks in the drill laughed at that one.

-U.S. News and World Report, c/o Wonkette

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