Sunday, April 04, 2004

Coincidentally, "Screw Them" Is Also the Administration's Foreign Policy Doctrine 

So -- a brouhaha erupted because someone had the temerity to not express the proper, government-mandated level of grieving over the death of some well-armed, well-paid mercenaries.

I already said my opinion on the matter -- Iraqis have a right to be pissed off, but the brutality of the actual act was astounding, and I cannot condone it, as a person who is almost invariably against killing people when there are options presented that don't involve killing people.

But jesus, everybody -- these were, after all, fucking mercenaries. A private army brought in to... wait, why the fuck do we have mercenaries in Iraq?

Is this why we can't afford to pay our real troops a reasonable amount or provide them with body armor or stop them from killing themselves -- because we're spending millions on Pinkerton Police with Soldier of Fortune subscriptions?

Jesus. Screw the Pentagon.
...er, Kos can't be reached right now. Try back later, I guess.
UPDATE!!!!!: Interesting take on the whole thing at The Blogging of the President

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