Tuesday, March 16, 2004

You Know I'm Crazy About Friction 

Couple new additions to my sidebar.

"and then..." (at one38.org) is a very well-designed and sophisticated-looking blog that was nice enough to add me to the blogroll and say some complimentary things. Proprietor seems to be one of them intellectual artist/writer types, who have the time and ability to post insightful commentary in an interesting form, as opposed to cheap cynicism against a black background.

And (via Atrios as usual), the right honorable Rep. Waxman has made a handy, searchable database of the various lies (or, as he charitably refers to them, "misleading statements") made by the sitting administration in the lead-up to the War Against the Mustachioed Super-Villain. Check out the "Iraq on the Record Report" (pdf) for some totally awesome graphs, including a chart of lies per month, and a breakdown of the lies by category.

Impress your friends!

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