Monday, March 22, 2004

Who Knows On Kilimanjaro 

More missed pun chances in this headline -- off the top of my head, may I recommend
Coming to Blows On Kilimanjaro
(kind of a weak one, but gimme a full-time job at the paper of record and I'll come up with literary puns that would make you weep, Mr. Sulzburgermeister)

Now -- generally, I pretend I know a lot about whatever I'm linking to, and often I even pretend I have some sort of magic solution or some view that is so amazingly clear that it's absurd that no one in power shares it; but I don't know a damned thing about climate change. I fairly sure it's happening, and I've read plenty about who/what may have caused it, but I refuse to come to any conclusions, except to say that we're all doomed and the end will probably come sooner than we think, so why not smoke?

But here's what I pick up in every article on the subject: the people who argue climate-control is man-made are generally not people with some sort of economic interest in being proved right.

On the other hand:
"Snow Fooling!: Mount Kilimanjaro's glacier retreat is not related to global warming," read a newsletter distributed on March 9 by the Greening Earth Society, a private group financed by industries dealing in fossil fuels, the dominant source of the heat-trapping gases.

So -- your Greenpeace types may be "wacko" or "alarmist," yes, but the fate of the largest industry on the planet does not rest in their ability to force scientific data into a predetermined conclusion... so I'm leaning towards the hippies on this one.

Climate Change: Settled.

Now that that's out of the way, I cannot recommend Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind highly enough. You really do have to see it. Sorry.

And ignore the reviews -- they're nitpicky. It's the sweetest and saddest movie I've seen all year.

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