Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Too Bored to Thrash 

As of late, I've been spending all my money on cartoons, so I haven't contributed to any candidate or cause (though I did attend this totally kick-ass Tibet benefit concert with David Byrne and Yo La Tengo, so my conscience is clear), but Atrios is probably right in asking everyone to throw a few Peace Pipe Nickels John Kerry's way.

But hey, the guy's loaded, so you don't need to feel too obligated.

Also, New York, this is a horrible idea. Middle Schoolers need to be isolated.

And this needs to be brought up by Mr. Kerry again and again until they cave.

And this:
[W]ater is the elixir of life, and scientists reported almost certain evidence today that the tiny crater that the Mars rover Opportunity has been scooting around for the last month was once soaked in it.
is a horrible, horrible lede.

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