Saturday, March 27, 2004

They Gave Us M. Hulot, Fer Chrissakes! 

Oh boy. This ought to bring about another round of those horrible French jokes.

Honestly, French jokes don't really do it for me. I mean, I'm speaking as a guy who thinks Pepe LePew is absolutely brilliant, who agrees with Bob le flambeur that the French never learned how to make rock & roll, and who did think the phrase "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" was funny the first time I heard it.

But honestly, guys -- let's be real here. The French have been our best buddies since day one of the Republic. Our best writers and actors have traditionally moved there to get away from us. In the 20th Century, they've appreciated our junky pop culture more than we ever have (often, they are over-zealous in their appreciation, but I've always thought that was kinda cute). And yes, we saved their ass from the Nazis, but the Resistance was totally kick-ass.

You know what? I'm glad Jacques Verges is defending Saddam. He ought to help demonstrate that all of Saddam's War Crimes happened under the watchful eye of the US, and with grandfatherly help from Reagan and Bush Sr. If this tribunal is public and objective (which I can't imagine it will be), we'll be implicated in every nasty thing the guy did. So unless your French jokes are about Johnny Hallyday, I don't want to hear 'em.

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