Friday, March 12, 2004

Sucker Surety Index 

I think consumer confidence numbers are about as meaningless as Nielsen ratings. Honestly, 250 households are asked meaningless, open-ended questions, and we take that as representative of... what, exactly? It's a causality loop -- the media put forth a narrative about this big, vague concept known as "the economy," tell everyone that it's strong or weak based on subjective "evidence," and then quiz an incredibly small number of "representative households" to create more statistical evidence to support whatever predetermined conclusion they wish to present to the people who they then ask about the strength of the economy and so on until the dollar collapses, we default on all our loans, and America is evicted and forced to move to Canada and smoke pot and listen to the Barenaked Ladies all day while going to the doctor whenever we want. Eventually, America will only be populated by Canadian emigrant nerd-rock bands, sketch-comedians, and news-anchors.

So... I guess it's not all that bad. Except for the Barenaked Ladies part.

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