Monday, March 08, 2004

Peace, Land, and Bread 

Tomorrow is the 87th Anniversary of Russia's February Revolution, which would soon bring about the end of the monarchy, and eventually led to the October Revolution (which wasn't a Revolution itself so much as the conclusion of this one, much as the February Revolution didn't technically happen in February).

The causes were many and varied, as causes generally are, but the inciting event was simply the annual International Women's Day demonstratin coinciding with bread shortages.

The New York Times gives us a reproduction of their front-page story reporting on the chaos in Petrograd, which is from a London wire service, and is quite entertaining in its blindness to history in the making:

A number of causes, working together, brought the crisis momentarily to a head, although I do not personally believe there can be serious trouble while the Duma is sitting.
(boy, they didn't know how to write a lede back then, did they... Ten Days That Shook the World it ain't.)

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