Thursday, March 11, 2004

Leave My Monkey Alone 

Fucking fascists.

I was riding the A train home the other night from Central Park with an angry man who was delivering a very dramatic monologue about how the cops always hassle him. I sympathized, for although the cops seldom hassle me, I am often angry regardless. It would be impossible to do any justice to the tone, the timing, and the delivery of Angry Guy in writing alone, so I'll pretend it wouldn't be:

'Fuckin' cops man... cops. Always hasslin' people. Fuckin' cops -- they got cops in the schools now, hasslin' little kids. Fuck that, man. They got the police -- now they got the Animal Police, got the fuckin' Animal Police for the animals up in the Bronx. [It was not clear whether he meant that there is a department that polices animals, or that there is a group of police who are animals -ed.] They need it up there, man. They're fuckin' crazy in the Bronx. But in Brooklyn, we're civilized. Man, the Bronx -- they be crazy up there, I'm telling you! Even Reagan said so! Man, Reagan went to the Bronx, he looked around, and he said, "What the fuck is this?!" And they still fuckin' voted for him!'

Amen. Fuck yeah.

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