Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Just Read Krugman Today, For Godssake 

Original, Too Hot For the Op-Ed Page Ending of today's David Brooks cheefully pointless Column about college:
But good fuckin' luck paying for it, kids.

And don't expect any jobs when you get out.

Shame. I rather liked that bit.

Actually included:
Even if the admissions criteria are dubious, isn't it still really important to get into a top school? I wonder. I spend a lot of time meeting with students on college campuses. If you put me in a room with 15 students from any of the top 100 schools in this country and asked me at the end of an hour whether these were Harvard kids or Penn State kids, I would not be able to tell you.

Well, David, the Havard kids would be the ones easily joining the insular world of D.C. Insiders, passing into that great circle jerk that is New York/Washington Journalism and gaining status and power based on who they know and how much cash they have handy.

The Penn State ones would be quite good at basketball.

To conclude in a Brooksian fashion, That is the difference between Blue America and Red America. In the end, it's mostly White America.

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