Monday, March 22, 2004

Jesus Gonna Be Here 

There are so many missed opportunities for puns in this headline. Shame on you, Associated Press. Though the lede is entertaining, in its own not-quite-thought-through way:
"Audiences feasted on zombies as the fright flick "Dawn of the Dead" ruled the box office, debuting with $27.3 million and bumping "The Passion of the Christ" from the top spot."

Frankly, the theological implications of this are staggering. That is to say, welcome to the 21st Century, where Jokes Write Themselves!

I'm thinking the folks who saw "The Passion" last week must be going to "Dawn of the Dead" this week, thinking it's one of those Left Behind movies.

Or, if a movie in which one man rises from the dead is holy, why... God must be creaming himself at this new one!

This hasn't been a mix-up this embarassing since legions of nerds accidentally went to see the new Lars van Trier film, thinking it was Kevin Smith.

(Alternative joke: ...since legions of nerds accidentally went to see the new Kevin Smith movie, thinking it would be watchable)

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