Monday, March 01, 2004

Everything Is Fine 

"These days in Baghdad, the crack of gunfire is actually the sound of things getting back to normal."

People are getting married, husbands are forbidding their wives to work, oil production is back up to pre-war levels thanks to a retired Houston oil-man's dedication to bettering the lives of the Iraqi people, and the Times coverage of the whole situation in Iraq is relentlessly cheerful today. Yes, things couldn't be better. Why, 21 Sunni clerics even signed a fatwa condemning guerrilla warfare, that's great that even the... oh, er...
But the document, drafted earlier this week, calls on Iraqis to stop killing Iraqis only. It makes no mention of stopping the killing of American soldiers.
"You want me to write a fatwa for the Americans?" snapped Fadil al-Kubaisy, imam of Al Dawla al Kabeer mosque. "I'll write one that tells them to get out of the country."

Well, that's certainly not the attitude to have, Mr. al-Kubaisy. You'll never make it into the U.S.-appointed governing council if you're going to be so snippy.

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