Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Do You Understand Why We Blew You Up? Do You Promise Not to Do It Again? 

I think Atrios has the tone of this transcript all wrong. Clearly, Kyra was asking the little boy with no arms or family if he understood "why this war took place" and the "meaning" of Operation Iraqi Freedom for her own edification. She was caught unprepared, and had forgotten what the rationale for the war was. She was hoping Ali Hamza could cover for her.

You see, it's all a quite understanandable...

oh, fuck it. It's not even funny. You cannot make this funny, because it is already satire. History as already repeated itself as farce, and is now going round one more as Doonesbury.

To answer Kyra and Ali -- we blew you up, kid, because of Jack fucking Kelley and his little imaginary "Pakistani youth" who
unfurls a photo of the Sears Tower and sneers, like a villain in a Chuck Norris movie, "This one is mine."

That's why, Ali. Because it was the right thing to do.

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