Monday, March 01, 2004

Cheap Holiday In Other Peoples' Misery 

Well, I'm screwed.

I kid, I kid. I am no longer an angry man.
It also found that men who are generally hostile and contemptuous of other people are 30 percent more likely to develop the irregular heart rhythm than men with less hostility.

See, now that seems like editorializing. They could measure the level of contempt displayed by patients in the study? This does explain Dick Cheney, I guess.

Thankfully, the fashion industry is always there to soothe and stimulate. What are the beautiful women of Israel up to these days?
A statement from the fashion house, Comme-il-faut, said the one-day shoot Wednesday would take place at a section of the barrier on the edge of Jerusalem "for the purpose of creating a dialogue around boundaries."
Wait a second -- they're trying to get me to think about issues and... and have dialogues and all that lefty bullshit. Fuck! Now I'm angry again!

If I wanted dialogues about politically controversial walls with great metaphorical possibilities, I'd listen to "Holidays In the Sun."

Wait, sorry-- that was supposed to read: "If I wanted to drown out my neighbor's stereo because I'm fucking sick of Kid A, I'd listen etc. etc."

Sorry. Carry on.


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