Friday, February 27, 2004

See We Gotta Be Exploited, By Somebody 

Do you think this kinda thing ever got Harold Von Braunhut into trouble?

Well, probably not. He got into trouble for things like this.

A quick google search finds that people are selling technologically updated versions of these things, only instead of to children, they're going after the lucrative pervert market. Dig that our researchers are hard at work in our scientific laboratory picture on the main page:

Totally legitimate looking!

But we've been sidetracked. From the article:

Timothy Telymonde, of Keyport, the former president and chief executive of the company, pleaded guilty on Feb. 17 to the criminal charge of unlawful exposure of unnecessary radiation and unlawful X-raying without a license in State Superior Court.
The Telymondes were the first people charged under the state's recently enacted radiation protection laws.

Now, fer starters, when yer t'rown in the clink, and the beloved character actor next to you asks "what are you in for?", it would be totally awesome to answer "X-Raying without a license."

Secondly, "recently enacteed radiation protection laws"? Doesn't that imply that a) there were no laws protecting people from radiation until now and b) they've recently had a number of people going about X-raying people without certification and had to put a stop to it?

Fuckin' Jersey.

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