Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Everybody At Your Party, They All Look Depressed 

Honestly, shouldn't we be "liberating" these people by now?

The action surprised Bush administration officials, who had drafted the power-sharing plan and seemed confident of their ability to deliver opposition support.

They continue to be confident despite embarrassing defeat after defeat. I love those plucky bastards. It's so cute how they act all "surprised" when they fail at things. Like Didi and Gogo finding out anew, each night, that Godot isn't coming.

The incompetence of the Bush administration is almost poignant.

As for Haiti, I think it's interesting that the shit hit the fan when it did -- Carnival (this site is sort of grotesquely cheerful, but I think it dates back to a few years ago, when the military was under the command of the increasingly thuggish state as opposed to the former members of the increasingly thuggish state).

As the Kansas City Star puts it in a headline with a remarkable insight into the priorities of the copy-editor, "Violence mars protest in Haiti; carnival joy dampened". This seems a bit like the headline of the February 1, 1968 Herald-Tribune reading "Major NVA Offensive May Make For Less Fun Tet Celebrations."

Now any intellectual-leftist type worth his/her salt will tell you about the important of the Carnival as a tool of subversion, or even rebellion-through-mockery, and it's nice and pleasant because it allows us pansy lib'ruhl types to imagine that states can be overthrown without having to hurt anyone or ask for the help of the military, which is sort of ethically questionable and throws the door open for all sorts of nasty human rights abuses and will probably help re-create the autocratic state under a new flag once the current mustachioed despot is publicly executed. But in Haiti, well, the Carnival wasn't cutting it.

So -- open up your hearts, Miami, because here come the refugees. But don't worry, we got plenty of jobs for 'em.

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