Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Remember When Anonymous Sources Didn't Endanger the Lives of CIA Operatives? 

Editor and Publisher wants you to tell them: Who is Deep Throat?

John Dean, who has made a pretty good career out of not being Deep Throat, claims the famously anonymous source is near death, and his (or her -- ha ha, just kidding!!) identity will soon be revealed by the Washington Post. If that's true, then it's totally obvious who it was all along. Although the E&P poll results indicate that another likely candidate is Kanye West.

Once the truth is revealed, the least wildly off-mark guess sent to Editor and Publisher will receive... a subscription to Editor and Publisher, the newspaper about newspapers -- self-reflexively postmodern since Grover Cleveland's first non-consecutive term!

"It's the Sunset Boulevard of monthly trade journals!"
-Pretend Jim Romenseko

Without E&P, I would not have known that funny-pages resident and ur-Sex and the City character Cathy is finally getting married, to similarly blobbly outdated '70s archetype Irving.

E&P reports that cartoonist Ms. Guisewite is hard at work on a second joke.

Aack! indeed, Cathy fans. Aack! indeed.

This concludes the Tuesday installment of Easy Target Theater. For more cheap shots, please return to Gawker. (someone's got to give those rock critics what-for!)

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